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Not unlike many an immigrant story, our story begins in Palermo, Sicily, and the desire for a father to see his son obtain a better life.  Giovanni Spatola was not a chef, nor did he specialize in culinary talent.  The art of cooking was a gift from Rosa, his wife, who came from a long lineage of skilled chefs.  With the encouragement of his father, Rosario Spatola left Sicily at 18, upon completing culinary school in Italy, and arrived in New York City.

With long hours, a strong work ethic and working in a variety of New York Pizzerias, Rosario became a master craftsman at the art of the perfect New York Pizza.  After sixteen years in New York, he relocated to Sunnyvale, California, and opened Giovanni's Pizzeria, with the same work ethic and desire to make the better life, that his father had instilled upon him as a young man.

Giovannis' Pizzeria is proud to be an independantly-owned and operated, family run business since 1995.  Being a family run operation allows us to use the best ingredients without compromising quality.

Come by on a Saturday and you are likely to see the next generation of Spatolas, the twins, Giovanni and Anastasia, learning to make pizza or bussing a table.


Welcome to the Family and Buon Apetito!

The Spatola Family

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1127 N Lawrence Expressway & Lakehaven, North of 101
Sunnyvale, CA  94089


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